Wheel Of Surprise Eggs

Wheel Of Surprise Eggs

Wheel Of Surprise Eggs

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Welcome to "Wheel Of Surprise Eggs", the best game to win a lot of toys with chocolate eggs! With this application, you non't need to buy surprise eggs anymore, in this game you have all forms of surprise eggs and toys for little girls and boys. If you child loves surprises, this game is perfect for him! Here you will find all your favorites cartoons characters and it's possible to unlock more than 300 toys!

There are different types of surprise eggs:
- Kinder Surprise
- Spiderman Egg
- Princess Frozen Elsa
- Lot of Superheroes
- Kinder Joy
- And More...

How can i play:
- It's very simple, you have to click on "SPIN" to Spin the Wheel of surprise eggs
- You have to use your fingers to scrape the paper from the eggs or break the chocolate
- Tap the capsule to get the surprise
- Collect more than 300 toys!

Now it's time to Spin the wheel of surprise eggs!

* New Toys Added